Friday, June 19, 2015

The Quiet Poet.

In honor of Father's Day; A Gift for my Father:

The Quiet Poet

Some men are born to sing,
Some are gifted at the dance.

Others are skilled instead at the art of the heart.

Yet of them all there exists a softer breed,
Those poets of the words unspoken.

For in them lies the life lived for love.
For no greater value or worth compels them.
Not for wealth of riches, fame or glory.
They burn for tender moments cherished deeply and lasting forever.

They carry a compass of compassion.
Their North Star is those held dearest.

I know these words as truth,
For I myself was born of a Quiet Poet.
And found in me the same soul that it is an honor to share.

By: Matthew C. Gill

Dedicated to my beloved Father: I have always held you in the highest esteem. Although you sometimes failed to conceal your flaws, you have never failed to guide my way. I shall forever be proud to bear your name and am eternally in your debt for the life you have given me. Your tireless labors were never in vain, for they were bought with a love plain to see that never needed the words to be there. Poetry is emotion given form and you have always lived it. Thank you for always being our Quiet Poet.