Monday, May 21, 2012

Alright, Android, Let's Play A Game.

As inevitable as a porn-parody will be made of, well, let's face it - anything, one of the first things most people think of when presented with a new gadget like a tablet is; "What games does it play?" It is as natural as breathing to both geeks and non-geeks. You can't deny it, at some point the odds are your going to want to kill some time with your device or just relax a bit. Now everyone has their own choice apps that suit them, but I'd like to share what I have found so far that stand out as some of the best I have come across, and everyone of them is free.

1. Tower Defense: Lost Earth - First off, I have to thank Rocky Sunico for this little jewel! What starts off as a seemingly simple game proves to provide a wealth of enjoyable play. Every level is a slightly more difficult puzzle as you find yourself pressed to strategically place your automated defenses against waves of alien creatures. Each new map presents you with a different problem to think over as you decide which of your arsenal to deploy and where. And let me assure you there are plenty of maps in the campaign, coupled with some very interesting challenge/special missions as well that all prove to give you pause for though. If that wasn't enough the game allows you to replay any mission with varying degrees of difficulty to try and collect a variety of badges. This has to be one of the best games for an android device, period.

2. 3D Bowling - Yeah, I did quite a bit of bowling as a young man and loved every minute of it. Granted I wasn't the greatest of bowlers I did alright, or rather I like to think so. Now this particular app is almost as much fun as real bowling. Using your finger you flick your ball on it's way towards the pins and just like in reality you can affect the spin/curve of the ball. A little twist with your finger and you can hook your ball with the best of them. The pin physics are fairly accurate as well, not perfect mind you but fairly close. A load of fun all in all.

3. Zenonia 3 & 4 - Fantasy Rpg's done the way they ought to be. Both these games are full of engaging storyline and fun characters. Now they both have a tendency to lean towards some cute and whimsical elements but it's understandable considering the genre. The artwork is gorgeous, especially that of Zenonia 4 which is stunning for it's platform. Both games instantly brought back memories of the early Final Fantasy games as well as titles like Chrono Cross.

4. Blood and Glory - Need to channel your inner Spartacus? Does the roar of an arena crowd and spilt blood get your heart beating? This game is a blast, you take on gladiators in tournaments as you rise in an attempt to become champion. You can sweep with your finger to slash and preform combos making the whole experience very rewarding in a way most button masher fighting games aren't. A simple design it doesn't offer much variety instead encouraging you to purchase better gear and fight stronger opponents. One thing to take note of, this is a gorgeous app but also one that is geared towards the player purchasing in-game currency with real money. You can play without spending any real cash but clearly it's geared towards being easier on you if you open your wallet.

5. Lego 4+ - Created by the Lego company this little game is priceless for kids and enthusiastic adults as well. You start off with a handful of lego pieces to choose from to assemble little lego cars and the like. Then you can take them over a rudimentary side scrolling landscape with an onscreen button that lets you go forward. As you drive you can pick up a series of single peg round block pieces similar to coins, and if you get enough you can unlock new pieces. Each new piece provides you another option when making your vehicle such as being able to build a helicopter, truck, or even police car. Some of these even add a second button allowing you to fly, jump(there are lego legs you can use in place of wheels) honk a horn or even activate your siren. After each level you get a simple puzzle of a shadow shape you can drag sets of blocks into to try to make a little lego figure that will then show up in your background, All in all this is a fun little app that kids will enjoy, and can help them with some hand-eye issues. The only thing it needs is additional block pieces and some slightly more complex levels and it could be a top notch full blown game. As it is it's a little limited, great for a kid but with so much potential.

6. Shadow Era - One of the best Magic-like card games I have ever come across. You start off with a basic starter deck and your choice of a hero card to begin playing with. As you play you earn funds to purchase cards to add to your deck that you can play against AI opponents or if you choose other players. This is one game that is cross platform being available to Apple devices, Android and even browsers. However without using lands the game uses the cards in your deck as a resource allowing you to discard any card once every turn to use to pay for your other cards. This makes for a interesting change in thought as you play.

7. Cyberlords: Arcology - Remember the old Shadowrun game for Sega and SNES? Cyberlords is a fun little game very reminiscent of it. Little more to say...

8. RiskIt - This has to be one of the best Risk games for an Android device period, it is on par with WinRisk. As such, I don't think much more needs said about it.

9. Legendary Heroes - Ever hear of League of Legends? Yep, you guessed it, this is as close as you can get on an android device. It's a enjoyable midget version of LoL, but I must confess it does suffer slightly with regards to the platform/implementation. 

If your looking for a fun game give one of these a try, and if you have recommendations of your own - I am all ears!