Friday, May 4, 2012

If You're Going To Be In The Justice League, You Don't Want To Be Aquaman.

Think about it, if your a member of a prestigious group like the Justice League you don't want to be Aquaman - you wanna be Batman. The same holds true for those in the e-reader/tablet community. Wanna know why that is? Look at the differences between Batman and Aquaman; one is overly specialized and handicapped when anywhere but under the sea. In contrast the former is not only unbeholden to limitations but known for his trademark ingenuity and utility(belt).

Now, when I first received my Nook Color, I was already in love with it's functionality. As an e-reader it is excellent, and a more than capable budget tablet. However much like Aquaman it is chained to a single realm, that being Barnes & Noble. While this doesn't constitute any real issue for most, there is an untapped potential waiting within the Nook Color.

Just last night I equipped my Nook Color with a micro SD card loaded with Cyanogenmod 7 and giggled with glee at the utility belt like transformation. Countless features and apps are now at my fingertips, the least of which being full access to the B&N, Amazon, and Android app stores.

I'll be posting step by step instructions soon for anyone interested, and just to show precisely how easy it is. In fact this post is being written in blogger's app for android. So stay tuned!