Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Quiver of Questions.

Spring-boarding right off my last post I thought I might continue my initial train of thought and share with you a little 'quiver of questions,' if you will. The idea here is to provide with you a list of about 42 questions you can ask yourself as you begin any story. And, perhaps as you try to answer them you might even find new questions to expand on them as you go.

I've tried to keep them as neutral and unassuming as possible to help make them flexible enough to fit a variety of stories. Feel free to experiment with them as you shape your next story, add to them or disregard any you choose.

Your quiver of questions:

Who is the main character?

Why are they involved?

Who helps them?

Are there others who might help them or have some connection?

What motivates the hero?

Do they have any faults or strengths?

Where is the conflict?

Where does the story take place?

What kind of story is this?

What kind of tone is it told in?

Are there any major themes or minor plots involved?

Will there be any connection to other or ongoing stories?

Who is the villain?

Why are they the villain?

What resources do the have?

Do they have manpower they can call on?

What makes them so dangerous?

Do they have any redeeming qualities?

Is anyone stuck in the middle?

What is the scope of the story?

Will it take place in multiple locations or over large stretches of time?

Will there be any casualties, wounded victims or anyone hurt in some way?

How serious and/or mature will the story be?

Is the setting going to be significant in any way?

How much of the story’s setting will be seen and how much will remain from view?

Are there any important figures that are prominent in the story?

Do any organizations exist as a feature or plot element to the story?

Is there any legal or illegal enforcement present in the story (cops, gangs etc.)?

How advanced is the story setting, or if not how primitive is it?

Are there any pets involved?

Does the hero or villain have any family, children or loyal companions?

Will there be any complications that may arise during the story?

How easy or difficult will the hero or villain have it?

Does either have any handicaps or limitations?

How much violence will the story have?

Do guns or other weapons become a feature in the story?

Is there any supernatural, paranormal or advanced pseudo-science elements involved in the story?

What ruling powers or authorities are there in the story?

Are there in officials or representatives of said governments etc. that are involved in the story?

Why will they be involved in the story?

What is the overall generalized plot going to be?

Will there be any love interests or romance?

Hope it helps. Now, take aim, get ready and question at will!