Monday, November 28, 2011

Set Blog To... Peek-A-Boo!

My mind, such as it is, is a fickle thing. It always has been, ever since I can recall. Even as a young man I can remember vividly times when other kids would be playing together while I would be lost in some detailed wonderland of my own mental landscape. I've always been known to possess a certain penchant for cyclical flows and self-isolation tendencies. 

So, those of you who might have cared enough to ask over the last few months as to my whereabouts; let me just concede that once again a switch flipped and I found myself once again hung in a loop of sorts. Ironically, I had lost all interest in World of Warcraft only to one day awake and decide to log back in. Perhaps it was mounting guilt at still having a subscription thanks to another kind soul and not even touching it in a untold months, I'm not even really sure.

All I can say is that, amidst a daily routine I soon found myself blinking and realizing I had my first ever level 85 character(A Death Knight, in point of fact). In all this time, I'm sure it has become apparent that I haven't even been able to pen together a single sentence of a story.  I simply found myself exhausted and empty. Perhaps after several months of generating pent up tales has left me tapped out. Or, perhaps like many other creative minds I simply had to take a vacation from creation and immerse myself into some other imaginative outlet to recharge the batteries and restock the idea tanks. Who knows?

Whatever the reason(s), I can't guarantee anything, but I hope to be less of a digital specter.

Weather you missed me or not, I guess it can be said that the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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  1. I missed you. It wasn't the same without a story to read. Congrats on 85!