Monday, May 2, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 11.

Little more than a gentle purring hum heralded the ship's new found union with the ground below. It's engines slowing as it maintained itself to return aloft should the pilot deem it necessary. In such an unknown situation it was a standard protocol. 'Protocol,' the thought prodded at Wade's mind like an instructors prod to remind him to focus at the matter at hand.

"Sensors up," Wade began his routine series of orders, running through them like a checklist. At least having the comfort of procedure kept his mind from wandering too much. "Give me a full scan of all terrain and check for any signs of the missing squad. Let's look for any evidence as to what happened." Looking over to the armed security detail dispatched with him he once more hoped they wouldn't be needed. However if something had managed to take out the whole squad without a single alarm he was glad to have at least that small measure of protection.

"Let's try to establish a link to the squad's ship," the order almost spoke itself like an afterthought that slipped from the back of his mind when he wasn't paying attention. Seizing on it, he assured himself that the idea was actually sound. "It may hold some clues as to the fate of the squad."

"Sir," the voice of a gruff veteran communications officer grabbed at Wade's attention and tore him from his own thoughts. What was his name again, Wade pondered, Rynd or something? "Yes, what is it," Wade inquired, still unsure of the officer's name. A fact he quickly dismissed as irrelevant considering the present situation. "We've located the remains of some of the squad-member's mecha as well as a large debris field that looks to be drones. Sensors indicate the location and identification based on mecha chassis of all but Lieutenant Querent, sir."

"I want all available data for review, now" Wade commanded as he reached up to rub at his temples to try and alleviate the growing headache building in his skull. There had to be some explanation. What force could of done this and still he couldn't account for the whereabouts of Querent much less if she survived.