Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Xie Xie Rinto and other assorted thoughts.

So... Apparently, we have a dog now. An unexpected and somewhat strange turn of events. Recently my oldest boy proclaimed he saw someone drop a dog out of their car door one morning from his school bus, which considering the rural highway/area we live isn't exactly a common occurrence. More often than not strays wander up from neighbors or are simply dogs local to the area known to roam. The dog in question however, re-appeared the next day at my parent's house, who live about an acre or two in front of us and are situated in a much more visible location from the road. 

That morning I received a rather excited call from my son that this mystery dog was there, right now, 'just in case we wanted to take a look at it and see if it was a good dog or not.' I tried to remain as objective as I could, since we haven't had the best of luck with dogs as pets over the years. Not that I don't like them, I adore a good dog and had several growing up, but this area isn't always the best on dogs. Coyotes, local farmers, disgruntled neighbors and a road that people tend to fly down at 60+ mph and it doesn't take much for misfortune to turn it's gaze your pet's way.

But my youngest boy has begged for a pet dog for 2 years, frantically in fact. He has even told us stories of strays he has seen pass down the street and explained that they were his doggy but that they were out wandering or something and desperately held that someday his doggy would come back. So my wife, who is well versed in all manner of dog-related behavior and such took a look at what we immediately established was a beagle mix male of about 1 year old.

We had to coax my oldest boy to leave us to observing the dog and go elsewhere before his incessant attempts to bully me into a 'yes' answer resulted in a stone-wall of zero thought or consideration. After careful thought and observation I found myself thinking on my own grandfather who while ill is convalescing at my parent's house. He was always taking in dogs that were dropped by his house or not a mile from his home at the church he as caretaker for and song-leader. My Grandad never would let a dog suffer if he could help it and as I thought on him I asked myself what would he do, and so I opted to allow the dog to stay for a trial period, still certain that if he was dropped we would soon find some reason or flaw.

It has now been about 3 or so days and aside from signs he suffered being hungry recently and some heavy breathing at rest we are at a loss as to a motive to discard this animal. He behaves well with the kids, isn't overly active. The dog doesn't chase cats or even bark hardly ever. He has even only had maybe 2-3 accidents in the house and while out off any leash refuses to venture far. It remains a puzzle.

So now, I suppose, it looks like we have a dog. Much to my wife and kids joy, and I myself have the comfort that we haven't been out anything investing in this pet. Who knows how long he'll stay or what will become of him. But for now, he is a good dog and the family is thrilled to have him.