Wednesday, June 1, 2011

D.P.S. v2.0 - A Beta Is Unleashed!

Okay, I now set, with a blank and blinking stare at my screen. Can it truly be, have I finally managed to accomplish my goal in the form of a digital character sheet for the Pathfinder system produced by Paizo? As with many of my projects, it has managed to engulf my mind to the point I can scarcely believe it is complete.

As it stands, however, D.P.S. v2.0 is now available for anyone who desires to beta test or use it. I hope it proves a valuable and handy tool, it's been a most rewarding project. And should any run across any flaws or areas lacking in my little app, please let me know. I plan to improve and refine it over time as best I can.

Oh, and a friendly caveat or two: The app should save and load character files as .txt files. And, hidden within are 12 little gems. The challenge shall be in locating these dozen Easter-eggs.

I pray the fates may now find it in their mercy to allow my mind to be released from the grip of code and return to my writing. It has suffered terribly.

Please let me know what you think!
D.P.S. v2.0 Beta Release Direct Download
D.P.S. v2.1Updated Release