Monday, June 27, 2011

Blowing The Dust Off Some Space Marines

Many years ago I made an initial foray into the world of war gaming with Warhammer Fantasy. I only ever managed to play a handful of games, but I did assemble a decent force of Bretonians to lead into battle. Over time I discovered Warhammer 40k as well and an admiration for the Space Marines was quickly sparked.

Now, granted, it is well known that my artistic ability when it comes to visual matters is vastly limited. So after a mishap that lead to me to be army-less(Another story for another time), I decided to try my hands at very simplified paint-scheme of Space Marines. Found some on sale at a local hobby shop so I picked up some troops to build a foundation: 2 5-unit Combat Squads, 1 5-unit Assault Squad, and a 5-unit Command Squad. Nothing that anyone would deem impressive, but a flexible start.

I've held on to these miniatures for at least a decade now, I've even tried a few times to sell them off. And yet now, I find myself looking back on the fun I had and the promise of enjoying it further. So I dug them out of the closet and dusted them off. They're still in boxes, a few almost completely assembled, none of them painted. But with some friendly support and fellow interest I have decided to try my hand at the game again. If nothing else I'm not out any added investment, and perhaps we might find ourselves an enjoyable pursuit to pass the time.

To the Battle-Brothers, and the Glory of the Space Marines.