Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lit-Envy, Or; Trying To Jumpstart An Empty Creative Tank.

As a writer, even I guess what some might call a hobby/amateur one I am blessed with some dear friends who also share my passion for the crafting of stories. One such ink-blooded brother: Mitchell Willie has recently picked his pen back up and charged back into a novel project he's had in the works. I've been doubly privileged to get to read segments as it develops along with some other honors... But recently find myself having difficulty renewing my own literary endeavors. Just haven't quite been able to my brain into the right mindset or at the very least find a inspirational trigger to get my creative forces sparked.  

However, after reading some of my brother's material I have been reminded of some of my own older attempted stories. And with such recollections find myself debating digging out old notes and attempting another try. Who knows might help revive my Requiem work, or at the very least allow me to get back in the swing of writing.

I'll have to examine the works in question and see where my subconscious takes me. I will keep striving to deliver stories for those that enjoy them, no matter the genre or subject. That, I can promise. Thanks to everyone who's bearing with me.