Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lost Seeker - Part 1

Desperately trying to work myself back into my former rhythm, as well as try something a little different. With that in mind, here goes:

From the personal logs of Seeker Thanaeon Marseus.

Entry Coded 501-A:
Have you ever found yourself lost, adrift in your own inner sea? I have. It can happen fairly easy out here, all alone for long stretches, with nothing but this dedication to your duty, to your people, to drive you. I am tasked by my noble people with the responsibility of Seeker: It falls to me to safeguard all I hold dear and intercept any foreign threat that would make it's way into our territory and endanger us. Upon discovery of my natural talent for psychoportation(I can psionically manipulate an objects locations in space), I was trained and groomed for this honor from an early age. I dare even concede that I often used to think this an easy assignment. Unfortunately, the only easy part of isolation and wandering is how readily you can loose all that anchors you. 

At times it feels like I have held this post for years already this time out, even if it has only been three months into my six month deployment. The quiet of the nearby asteroid fields is refreshing, and the nebula in the distance a welcome and refreshing break from the twilight. I often catch myself, out here when my mind starts to wander, pondering at the efficiency of all those who bore the Seeker mantle before me. The rumors, the spreading silent tide of whispers among travelers, is well known how many fear this region for fear of some malignant curse or vengeful misfortune. Which always leads me to consider if a time will come where my service like that of others will no longer be required.

And just like that, as if the thought itself heralded some tingling of fate's changing flow, I feel it. Deep in the back of my mind something stirs, a tiny voice; a slight twitch as it were. Out there, a small craft has seen fit to slip in the dangerous realm of all those who trespass.  Duty calls.