Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost Seeker - Part 2

Better take a breath and center myself. There, that is better, already I can feel my mind as the ripples cease and it becomes still. Better leave the link open on this memetic shard, just in case - well, in case anyone might need to review this log later.

Hmmm... Sensors seem to show it as an unregistered transport, better get a feel before rushing in. Never was great at this, and alien minds always feel so, well - alien. With eyes closed and focused will I send out a sliver of myself, at once feeling the slight chill as my fur tingles. There, there you are. Your all alone in your little vessel. All alone and what is this, excitement? Some task awaits you at your destination, something your eager enough for that you would risk idle rumors for and cross through this area. What could motivate you so? What could... I feel sickened, I have to break this link off. Whoever you are, you are delighted by the prospect of inflicting harm, and find pleasure in murder. For that foolish traveler, and for trespass; your life is forfeit.

Righteous fury starts to spark within my breast, but I dare not give in. This is my duty, I must intercept this fiend. I'll need to get within sight, but luckily his course seems to be bringing him within range. This won't be easy so I'll have to focus. Reaching out I can feel him, grasping at the space behind him I concentrate my will. The familiar tug at the pit of my stomach builds and as it pulls I can feel the psionic energies twisting the fabric of space for me. Within a few moments my form will replace empty air. I must concentrate.