Friday, June 24, 2011

Lost Seeker - Part 3

You never truly become accustomed to this feeling. Your stomach burns with a ball of heat as it spins as if stricken by some ailment of discomfort and stripped of all dignity. The whole of your being is at once fluid and compressed as it is forced through the tiniest whole you can imagine. While I may enjoy a talent for compelling space to bend somewhat to my solicitations, it never caves it's will to anyone and resists anyone who would alter it. So let's just be clear; this isn't easy. Not even for me.

My destination is a location I'm not intimately familiar with, it's moving and I don't even know for certain I'm not stepping into some elaborate trap. And yet, here I am, in the middle of relocating myself, armed only with my own abilities. A more rational Seeker like those who mentored me in my youth would never suffer the faintest flicker of such an impulse. So, why am I?

Gripped by the sudden shock and end to my own inner motion I immediately realize I've arrived. Jerking my eyes open I scan my surroundings, was I successful? Seems that way, before me is a single figure who even now is spinning to remove his back from my gaze. Zuluth take me! I must of shifted my footing to catch my balance and alerted him.

Seeing a drawn sidearm coming to bear and knowing the sadistic mind wielding it all previous notions have to be discarded. With a tidal surge of psionic power I grab out at the space around my foe, and pull it all inward. At once my skull throbs from the effort but the result is instant; instead of relocating my target, I have crushed him into non-existence.

I have to finish up here and get back, this whole encounter has shaken me. Grabbing out I reach to steady myself only to choke back another curse. With the inadvertent brush of my fingertips on some object, my mind feels with impressions read freely. I'm usually more careful not to touch foreign objects, I must be slipping.  Quick to break contact, I am troubled by the last impression as it was forming within my mind. Just what awaited this traveler...