Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost Seeker - Part 4

Conflict now stirs within my breast to inflame my judgment and cloud my mind. Part of me cries out that my duty is done, to leave this vessel adrift like a specter to haunt others; threat intercepted. But another voices whispers within. Just what was this travelers destination, and to what dark purpose was he engaged? Was he on his way to a Pathenian colony, were my people to be his prey? Or did his task direct him to some helpless peoples elsewhere? Could he have started a conflict that might spill over to involve us?  As a Seeker can I simply ignore any possible threat this may lead to?

The sting of apprehensiveness has lent a shiver to my limbs, and as I reach my clawed fingertips to probe once more this unintended clue. A fleeting brief feeling of cool silicon and plastic registers to my tactile sense only to fade as my touch pierces those impressions still clinging to this alien object. The sensation of drifting through the foggy aether of static memories has become second nature to my people. A single touch capable of communicating things all on it's own.

First come the simple details as the overall image begins to build itself into focus, the trick is to let it tell it's story and being able to sift through it. Of Terran birth my mysterious stranger seems, marked by the passing of at least 38 years. Ripples continue to form; a chaotic minded man, greedy and only concerned with himself. Focus now, don't rush it, I have to remind myself.

This item passed to the Terran in a transaction not long ago, an agreement to seal a deal. It would give him information to lead him to a... Father Maximillian Durias of Erias VIII. Durias himself gave this to the Terran, it was to guide him to the Father, there is some sense of destroying or removing tainted individuals. Everything else is faded, too far gone to read anything further.