Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just how many kobolds can a adventurer withstand?

Anyone who has ever played D&d can easily attest to having fought countless throngs of kobolds. As a low level monster they are really are an iconic foe that many players enjoy fighting. But the question often loomed about in my mind; just how many kobolds could a player manage to handle before becoming overwhelmed? Seeing as how they often tend to attack in numbers.

So about 6 years ago while taking a Visual class in college I decided to write a program to find out. What came about was "The Kobold Rating Calculator," a method by which a player could input their character's stats and it would calculate how many kobolds they could stand against. The program would actually calculate a value by running a simulated series of combats, progressively adding another kobold until the character was finally overcome.

The program is a little old, and as I recall could of been done so much better but I ran out of time polishing it(it became my final project/exam for the class). I do plan to revise it sometime soon, but thought I might make this one available. I know I have been pumping out story after story of lat but I thought I might take a break today and unleash a horde of kobolds today. How many could you handle?

The Glitched Grimore

I recently managed to download Visual Studio 2010 for free and have begun a new programing project, which reminded me of the Kobold Rating Calculator. I hope to have more coded creations to share in the near future.