Friday, May 6, 2011

Fae Twilight - An Inspired

As early morning dew still clung to damp fern and moss and fog lingered lazily about the forest floor a single feminine form emerged into view. In the fading forest realm, birthed by passing twilight she stood unashamed and untouched. Pale flesh of ivory left exposed as moonlight slowly retreated from her embrace. Like a dreamer stripped from slumber all vision of her defied focus and detail, but many a forest friend couldn't deny the strange beauty that called to them.

Raising her slender arms aloft the fading mists took shape and cloaked her, while moss and lichen gripped tightly to the curves and angles of her featured facade. Silence befell the forest floor as she stood before it, a new queen claiming a new court. The fae of twilight fresh born was she, and a single purpose breathed life into her supple shape. Bastard born, half between both Seelie and Unseelie she walked a queen between queens.

Not for long. Like the rising of a crimson dawn she burned with a fiery glow, eyes of crystal unsettled all wildlife who gazed upon. She would tear them down, she would tear it all down. For she dwelled in neither court, but existed as a part of both. Her dominion would eclipse them all.

I have to admit, this piece is a bit of whimsy inspired after viewing some wonderful art featuring Roswell Ivory. It inspired me with some gorgeous imagery and landscape that held a scene similar to the above pseudo-story. So I thought, if nothing else, as an exercise I would try to weave a little creation of fantasy and see where it went. Unfortunately my train of thought got interrupted en-route this morning and subsequently the "moment" as well. Can't say as I know where this one is going or if it is but glad I got it down. Let me know what you think. Who knows, might see more explorations into this one or others.

And hey, 100th post! I guess this counts as something special for a 100th post? Thanks for reading them, I'll keep trying to write them and hopefully you'll enjoy them.