Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Blade's Worth - Part 2.

Confusion crippled Darryn as surely as if he was bound in heavy chains leaving him frozen. The world around him seemed to stop, even sound became silence, as a figure who was barely more than a fleeting form in the gloom darted past. And just as suddenly, a single image released Darryn - stumbling out of the alley was a man, clad in the red uniform jacket of the local delivery workers, clutching at his left shoulder. As he watched, the wounded worker desperately renewed his effort to escape despite dripping blood.

Delivery crews always operated in pairs, everyone knew that, but Darryn had only witnessed one half of such a team. The more pressing thought though was why had he even just witnessed anyone at all, no one was supposed to even be around. The target was a shipment already dropped off, or so he had been told. This whole thing was quickly putting a bad feeling in his stomach coupled with a less than appealing taste in his mouth.

More shuffling footsteps echoed from behind only to be broken by the hiss of an unleashed bolt of energy that sailed past to collide with the alley's wall. The impact narrowly missed Darryn as he couldn't help but notice it's intended target was already gone. At least he hoped that was the case. 

Catching only part of something said Darryn heard; " - could've knifed 'em," immediately he recognized the harsh and impulsive tone of Maerek. No doubt it had been the same who had just haphazardly been shooting at the already escaped delivery man. "Botched," Maerek continued, "all he had was one job and dream-head can't even pay attention to do that much."

"Come on," interrupted a quieter even toned voice that had to be Terol. "Let's just be off before the patrols are alerted," ever the voice of cold calculations the comment was less of a plea and more of an observed fact. Terol was never known for panicking, nor for needing to sway opinion.  When he spoke everyone listened, and Terol never ever raised his voice. This time was no different, even Maerek's hot head bowed to Terol's point.

"Might as well have waved down the patrol yourself Darr,"he spat. "Scatter," Maerek ordered and as everyone did just that Darryn marked as he added; "this will hang on your head dreamer."

"Guess that trip will have to wait grandfather," Darryn muttered to himself as he made his own way from the alley. He only hoped his grandfather had time enough left to wait for him to make good on his promise. Once more distracted a devilish grin escaped his notice as the bearer contemplated Darryn's words before it too displaced shadows.

Awaiting the patrol at the alley's rear was a dead delivery man, a locked transport, and plenty of questions.