Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreaming Dreams

After placing my oldest three children on the bus this morning I returned home to find my youngest daughter cranky and defiantly begging for me to rock her. Now, I must of blacked out as she did because when I came to holding her I was myself still gripped in the maddening land of dreams that made no possible sense.

I'll spare you the full dime tour of my wonderland, but let's just say it was a collage of chaos and a hodge-podge of random concepts. One minute I was touring a museum-esqe building with various areas themed to historical and cultural zones. At one part I became separated from my family only briefly to look at the wares of a candy store and when I looked up from a shelf of sweets I saw a small selection of firearms. Firearms, in a candy shop I thought? But when I looked around everything was guns. Quickly I tried to return to my family only to find I was somewhere between the Greek and Turkish areas.

Furthering the strange experience I found my way back to where we were staying only to further panic at the loss of my coat and some items. Animals were everywhere, and at one moment I discovered a black cat hat and sleeved vest where a kid had sneaked in disguised as a cat somehow and escaped with some of my children's things. Oh, and let's not forget Wil Wheaton stopping by to heckle me as I had to try to swing across a monkey-bar type setup.

I cannot begin to convey the impact this dream(s) had on me, I still find myself shaken and literally off balance. Even now as the images blur in my mind the sensation of the experience has me thrown trying to make sense of it. I haven't had such a dream like this, let alone one that I can recall in such detail this long after. It was almost as if I waltzed through the slumbering lands of several others. And why Wil Wheaton mocked me I wish I knew. If I didn't know any better I would almost assume my daughter drugged me.

What dreams may come? Be careful of the questions you ask... You never know what you'll get in answer.