Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can You Miss Failure?

When I look out my window, an alien view greets me. You see, we used to have a 16 year old 230,000+ miles white van that sat outside. A van, that had served my parents faithfully since they acquired it back when I was still in high school. One, that when my mother decided to replace, I leaped at the chance to own. It was a great vehicle, but not without it's share of issues. The most recent had left me baffled, and I confess eager to solve. Sadly, that opportunity is lost to me now; I signed it over as a trade in on my mother's newest van. In exchange, she traded me her older one. Ironically it is one year newer than my last, fewer miles and is the exact same make and model. So at the very least it's familiar to me, and not without it's own faults. And yet I can't help but wonder if I would of ever figured the old van's issues out, or for that matter, managed to fix it.

I suppose we can miss those feelings of victory from tasks we complete, and by contrast miss those little failures that promised to guide us to the latter. But those opportunities that take both from us, well they just leave us wondering I guess. Silly thing to lament, I'm sure many think me mad, but that van has been through so much; and still had some life left in it.

What is the oldest vehicle you've ever owned?

*Apologies for the strange choice of topic; I typed this on my nook color when the thought struck me. Sadly the initial(and superior) post was accidentally lost, and this is what popped out when I retried. It's been a very odd day for me.