Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Let's try this again! As an experiment, I typed up a little piece last night as a moment of introspection gripped me(yeah, I know - I am just that cliched and/or sad lol) only to find a less than complete understanding of the app I was using as a handicap. Long story short, even though I thought I saved it, it somehow took a cue from the dodo bird and vanished from existence. I never could re-capture such moments, but here's an attempt at the very least.

Pockets, that's right, you heard me. Pockets. They're such a simple thing, a handy convenience for some, and for those like me a desperate necessity.  Do you ever stop to consider what you do or don't carry around with you on a daily basis, and what it could say about you? Or, like so many does it ever even cross your mind? Each day do you absentmindedly shuffle the contents of your pockets in an out without notice? I know I don't, in fact I have for a good many years kept a consistent inventory of what is in my pockets. Not to mention they're exact placement, a fact that never ceases to garner me more than my share of odd looks.

Now, without going into too many of the finer details, I think most of them are self explanatory. I also think they might even say something about me, like the fact that I generally like being prepared. But feel free to draw your own conclusions, I'd love to hear them!

Here is my little standard inventory on any given day: Pocket Knife, Silver Ink Pen, 8gb Usb thumb drive, 2 Steel Ball Bearings, Assorted Loose Change, Prescription Pill Bottle, Bic Lighter, Old Zippo, Spare Hair Tie, Check Book, Blue Handkerchief, Wallet, and on my belt I keep a Multi-Tool pair of pliers, a Mini Mag-light Flashlight and my keys.

Now, for the record; the bearings give me something to do with my hands if I'm nervous or waiting. I like to think they're also handy if I want to check the level/slope of something but I think more realistically there is the little boy "really neat" factor inherent to them that may be involved in my subconscious thinking. The bic lighter was simply an adaptive addition a long time ago out of necessity, I don't smoke but it is always handy to have a fire source. Especially when the power goes out or your outdoors on walks etc. The old Zippo used to serve that function but needs a tune-up as it were, and I still keep it close for sentimental sake until I overhaul it. I guess you might say the disposable lighter is a back-up/replacement until then.

So, think what you will, stare at me like I'm crazy even. But these things comfort me, what do you keep on your person? Do they comfort you, or have a purpose? Or, more simply do you even carry anything in your pockets? They can say something about you, but what do they? It's something to think about sometime.