Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 33.

- Episode 33 -

Power roared and crackled as it poured out of Baron Samael's staffs tip directed downward to seek out Lady Adriana. He channeled the vicious force with a dark and grisly glee before a cautious query began to form it's way to whisper at him. Curiously it tugged it's way to grab at a measure of his attention before the distraction demanded he consider it.

"How is it that she still lives," he pondered the question aloud, surrendering to contemplate the strange mystery. Now that he actually had spoken the words the idea made him reconsider just how distracted he had been with his revenge. So focused upon his assault he realized that he had somehow managed to actually lose track of just how long his prey had been defying him.

Abruptly the Baron released the spells flow of outpouring destruction and carefully took inventory of his reserves. While he had managed to waste far more than it ever should have taken to remove the dear lady from this world he sighed with relief that he had not allowed himself to further deplete himself.

Baron Samael watched with a cruel pain in his belly as his foe still swam amidst a sea of ethereal swirling strands of power. His teeth clenched and he discovered a snarl waiting on his lips to display his irritation. "Blast her bones," the Baron spat the curse as his fury rose. But already the dark shadow beneath him was spreading like a drawn cloak to cover the very ground as it rippled and flowed like restless waves. The impossible form was slipping from one crude shape to another until without warning it shot away traveling at great speed.

The Vault itself began to shudder a thunderous groan before it erupted skyward in a explosion that spewed forth inky dark forms to inhabit the very sky around the Baron. "Wet wicks," the Baron declared as he began his own hasty retreat. "Whatever it is that witch has managed to pull, she has ruined my plans," the Baron told himself. But a faint blue flicker of light in the distance snared his attention making him once more reconsider what was happening.

Through squinted eyes he could just make out the flying form; it was a dragon! Already his mind began to churn with new possibilities that he could take advantage of to try and salvage his efforts. "With a dragon enthralled no one would dare stand against me," Baron Samael purred once more pleased with his clearly clever wit.

"Indeed, now, where are those two worthless whelps," the Baron mused as he altered his course and allowed his mind to form a working plan. The Baron continued his plotting and planning, resigning the Vault of Echoes as no longer worth exploiting. But as he carried himself into the distance vast nefarious forces were already spreading to delight in their release.

And what had once been Lady Adriana was quickly finding that it had grown so very, very hungry. 

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