Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 34.

- Episode 34 -

Still shaking with fear, Thatch and Cobble clung to the desperate security of the thick bushes around them. They had watched in abject terror as they saw what had befallen Lady Adriana. Even when Baron Samael loosed his deadly spell they sat frozen, unable to even consider taking flight. What good would it have done either of them, both knew without even having to ask how far they might have made it on foot. All they would have had to do was draw attention to themselves and that would be the end of it.

Cobble never even bothered to ask Thatch, his usual source of mental resources, if the Baron might hold it against them for having obeyed the Lady. But as soon as the question formed to him he instantly decided that opening his mouth to ask it wasn't a very good idea. It was one of the few moments Cobble was sure he had a good idea, which even he would admit were rare ones.

Thatch, himself for once, was trying as hard as he might not to think. There was no idea that he even wanted to consider besides somehow staying alive. He didn't even take any note of the baneful beasts who were themselves cowering alongside them. Even these horrid hounds who it seemed like just so recently were something so terrible had managed to discover a force that made them recoil. Above all else, Thatch did not want to allow himself to think about that.

But as the Vault of Echoes began to spew forth shades in an explosive surge and darkness began to sweep over the ground on it's own accord there was no need for thought. Thatch didn't have to say a single word, Cobble never even asked the pair of them just bolted straight out the bushes and headed as fast and hard as their feet could carry them. Even the creatures had sensed it, it was a fundamental impulse that they could sense; that of impending and certain doom.

Narrowly the fleeing flunkies managed to clear the safety of their shrubbery before dark forms awkwardly passed through seeking shape and substance. Where once all the various essences had been given homes, worked into artifacts that gave them purpose and directed their power now they were loose. Now they were free once more, but without something to hold them they were mere pale ghosts of what they once were.

They needed a body, a form of some kind. Fortunately, still laying within the ruins of the Vault were several just waiting to be filled. Delighted they poured themselves into the lifeless dragons causing them to arise with unnatural movements. While these forms were no longer alive they would provide them a suitable container for now.

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