Friday, May 3, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 36.

- Episode 36 -

"Eh, would you look at that," a tower guard muttered through his slack jaw. He watched in complete disbelief as a man was riding up with the bearing and confidence of a seasoned veteran assured that his orders would be accepted. Slumped over across the man's mount was the form of a young lady, a muscled arm carefully draped around her for support.

Approaching from just behind them was a sight that nobody would have believed, he had to blink several times to make sure. It was a dragon, an honest to heralds scale covered dragon and it even had a boy upon it's back. As he opened his mouth to speak he found himself immediately cut off by a guard beside him.

"Nope, the watch captain isn't going to believe this one so you can have the honor of being laughed at." Neither guard moved an inch as the man allowed his steed to slow to a stop before he hailed them. "Grant us entry and make haste," the proud figure bellowed up at them. "Inform your captain that Malthurion Abardeen would like a word and send for the royal page to request an emergency audience."

Blank stares and empty mouths answered Mal's request prompting him to reinforce his urgency. "Move," he roared fire lighting his face and the peal of thunder in his tone. All at once both guards exploded into motion slamming into each other before racing off into the keep.

"Mal, why is this place even called Oakhelm Keep anyways," Camden had finally brought himself to ask while they waited for entry. "The keep itself, it isn't stone, it is made of aged wood that has become like stone. It is very old and has survived countless assaults as such it is a helm of oak far more valued than any shaped steel. It keeps the king safe, and while we are within it I would ask that you try to refrain from anything foolish."

As the gate slowly cranked open Mal turned to level a stern expression towards Camden. "Not everyone has seen a dragon, much less found themselves on nearly as friendly terms. I would think it wise to keep close to it and neither of you wander off into mischief."

"Who, me," Camden asked with a grin. Seeing the guards face when he saw the dragon up close made Camden realize that Mal had indeed been right. There was a mixture of amazement and terror there at being this close to a dragon. He almost wished he could have just waited out here but he couldn't leave Trinity alone locked away inside the keep. And if this was the safest place then inside making just a small measure safer is where he would be.

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