Thursday, May 9, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 42.

- Episode 42 -

For several long moments there was only silence as Camden and Trinity found themselves standing in the courtyard in awe. Above them was set the star studded night sky but between it and them there were strands of pearly light carefully intertwined. It was almost as if the night sky and air had crafted a tapestry of starlight to drape over them.

Camden eagerly gripped the hilt of his blade, keeping it at the ready as he kept his eyes scanning the sky. He knew that for him he could only wait for his eyes to detect the pending threat and with any luck perhaps Trinity might provide some measure of warning. One glance at Trinity and he could read the concentration written on her brow, she really seemed to be getting better at using her magic he had to admit. Which was good, cause he knew they were going to need every bit of it she could manage.

Trinity focused her mind, allowing her will to flow down through the staff and around her. She could feel the familiar ball of nervous excitement that was her brother, which in it's own way was reassuring to her. As her thoughts passed over Mal she immediately noticed that the old knight was like a vast calm lake, tranquil and serene. With so much looming danger, so much to fear or worry, Mal simply was. His relaxed core warmed her and allowed her some measure of confidence as well. But as she brushed by the last guardian whom her brother insisted she refer to as Silver-Claws she was again amazed. Here sat this large creature, and at it's core was magic itself. It burned with the fury of a thousand furnaces inside, a stark contrast to Mal. She couldn't grasp how so much primal raw force was restrained, let alone inhabited the young dragon. But she was indeed grateful that Silver-Claws was standing with them.

Trinity felt it only a split second before the others caught sight of everything with their eyes. Dark flames of purple and black erupted to lick at the woven wards of Oakhelm Keep that flickered defiantly against the assault. Without hesitation, Mal quickly unslung the sword from his back and drew the Marshal's Edge from it's scabbard. The steel of it's hefty blade rang upon the night air and a series of runes along the length of the weapon sprang to life. Gripping the weapon with both hands Mal treasured the balanced weight of it once again in his hand and longing to be of service.

"To arms," commanded the Earl Marshal wielding the symbol of his office and authority. Every guard and member of the watch no matter how far out of earshot all heard his cry echoing as it carried itself through the wind to them. Bows were drawn, swords and spears made ready as they watched in terror at what assailed the Keep's defenses.

Trinity's heart sank as she could feel the masterfully made magical barrier begin to falter against the attack. The strands of it's magic began to snap as it struggled to hold back Lady Adriana and the dark magic dragons. She had to do something, and fast but she needed time to act. And with every seconds passing time was about to become precious indeed.

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