Saturday, May 11, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 44.

- Episode 44 -

Camden heard a loud flutter of wings flapping against the night wind as he and Silver-Claws sailed straight through the middle of his foes. Black fire licked and sputtered inches from behind him as his courageous cohort slammed into two of his former clutch-mates driving them from their path with a crack of collided scales. Claws struck out and slashed like arced lightning seeking to rend the tainted forms that lingered as an insult to the last guardian's blood-kin.

A fanged maw darted to snap at Camden, perched upon his winged companions back forcing him to twist and bring his shield to bear blocking the beast. Silver-Claws registered the threat to his new-found friend and turned his own mouth at the attacking undead dragon, loosing his cold-fire breath. The ghostly blue-white flames roared to life and erupted into the attacking dragon's neck in an explosive stream. It's magic burned at the very lifeless flesh, the flames so cold they scorched all heat and life away until the creatures corpse began to collapse.

Sensing the threat the other dragons immediately moved to overwhelm Silver-Claws before he could train his deadly dragon breath upon another. Camden had to quickly drive his blade to parry at claws that frantically reached for them while the sapphire scaled sentinel darted and dodged.

Arrows swam through the air like schools of flying fish seeking dark scaled dragon flesh to pierce. Of those that managed to find their mark the bowmen soon found that their arrows only bounced harmlessly off the hideous hides. But not without drawing the dragons ire, prompting them to turn their attentions downward at the irritations.

Camden and Silver-Claws dove down as several dragons set upon the guards but were too late to save them. Cold fire spewing forth to roast a pair of the dark devils before the others returned their attention towards the defiant dragon. At this rate Camden wasn't sure how much longer he could keep the fiends distracted, or if they could even stop them from slaughtering anyone else. Just the thought of it filled him with a furious rage, and he directed Silver-Claws into another headlong charge.

While Camden battled overhead, Trinity still struggled in strained concentration to work whatever miracle she could as Mal and King Rainborne marked the approach of another figure. In all the confusion they had lost sight of the beast from outside the Vault, who was now stalking it's way straight for them.

"Age before beauty," Tonniel jested as he raised his guard to the oncoming abomination. "As you wish your majesty," came Mal's reply as he took his own defensive stance, his Marshal's Edge held before him. "Just don't complain any when your aged mentor proves your better even after all these years."

Both men had just enough time for a quickly chuckled breath before a chaos of claws and jaws descended upon them.

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