Monday, May 6, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 39.

- Episode 39 -

Lady Adriana stalked through the night looking for another meal to satisfy her gnawing hunger. A couple of farms back the dragons of dark magic had caught up with her, joining in the hunt for food. So far they had found very little to appease their fiendish appetites, but they also had not yet come across anything that stood against them.

It felt so delicious to be free of the Vault, even if it did mean they had to exchange one vessel for another. At least they were free now; able to feast until they had their fill and then relish in all the fun these forms could provide. There was such sport they could have, and if these bodies failed them they could always take another.

What could stand in their way now? The memory of magic carried aloud, shaped by song and purity returned to haunt them. There was something in it's woven flow that had eluded them, defied and burned at them even as hastily summoned as it had been. Frustrated roars and bestial screams filled the night air as the monsters voiced their collective irritation at the idea of being opposed. Even the chance of being imprisoned again was a thought they would not tolerate.

A half eaten cow dropped to the ground from one dragon maw as the resounding wet thud was echoed by another, this time a wounded goat. They would have to seek out the source of that magic, the voice that had breathed it to life. Sniffing at the air the dark creatures shifted their attention to hunting down this threat to their freedom.

A sharp scream pierced the halls of Oakhelm Keep as Trinity bolted upright drenched in a cold sweat. Her limbs were heavy and stiff slowing her movements as she fought to get up. When Camden's head burst through the doorway Trinity was still trying to untangle herself from her sheets. In her panicked haste she couldn't waste a moment, not even for her brother to ask what was wrong or greet her. Instead she forced out the only words she could manage around her thick tongue trying to explain what she had seen in her dreams.

"They're coming," she warned him, her eyes still burning with a soft glow. Camden's expression turned to one of determination, a stone like resolve upon his brow. "Don't worry Trin, Mal has gone to speak with the King, me and Silver-Claws won't leave your side. We'll keep you safe," her brother promised firmly.

"Silver-Claws," Trinity had to ask, her head aching as she struggled to understand. "Oh, I named the dragon, he seems to like it - what do you think," Camden explained. "I suppose it fits," Trinity commented awkwardly.

"Cam," she began, her voice low and hinting at faint tremor of fear. "The other dragons, their dead bodies; they are now being used by the dark magic." Trinity had to swallow hard as she could still picture them. Camden's hand reached up to rest on her shoulder, when she looked back up it was his bright blue eyes she found looking into her.

"We will face them and stop them; I won't let them hurt you or anyone else," he assured her. Out in the hall another pair of eyes, burning like a white-hot blaze mirrored Camden's in agreement.

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