Monday, May 6, 2013

Refined And Reforged - D.P.S. v2.1 Released!

I know it has been almost 2 full years since I booted my little prodigal program out upon the web, and this probably should have come sooner. But, I must admit I both expected a larger number of bugs reported/issues as well as a general lack of attention for D.P.S. I was delightfully wrong on all accounts!

Since I rolled out the Digital Pathfinder Sheet it has amazed me at the sheer amount of interest it gets(in the form of over 2200 visits since it's release). When I set out to even try my hand at making the little tool I wasn't sure if I even could but I thought it would be handy enough if I did. And it has proven to be quite handy, I have been told so several times in fact. However I must sadly admit that it wasn't without it's flaws, some of which might have easily been overlooked but others were an irritation.

So, I decided to dust off the original code and polish it up a bit using user feedback as a guide(Which was surprisingly easier when code slinging on something other than a net-book!). Here are a few of the things that may have troubled you in the past but shouldn't anymore:
  • Adjusted UI Layout - I have altered the overall layout slightly to allow for various labels and things to be more easily read. Hopefully you shouldn't be seeing text boxes covering parts of labels and the like anymore.
  • Fixed Stat Mod Auto-Calc Bug - Yeah, when I dug in to the math I started finding where some stats wouldn't generate the right modifiers. When you are automatically calculating such values this shouldn't be happening, so I tinkered around and solved the problem.
  • Skill Bonuses For Class Skills - Alright, this one may be a minor issue for some but I have adjusted things so that now even if you have checked a skill as a class skill it will only add the bonus in if you have 1 or more ranks in the skill. 
  • Grey Boxes - Since a lot of text boxes are used to display generated data I have taken the liberty to alter how some are displayed. Now most boxes that auto-fill with values for you are grey in appearance. Hopefully this will help some users when entering their data.
  • Help - I have also added a few new entries to the help dialog box pointing out some advice for users. 
Overall, you may not notice anything too drastic in this newer version. But, honestly, D.P.S. has been working surprisingly well so far. With these improvements I hope it will continue to serve those who use it well and provide them a useful tool for a fun pastime. Enjoy!

The Digital Pathfinder Sheet(both versions - new and old) can be found here:
For a direct download link:
D.P.S. v2.1 Release

Oh, and for the record - nobody has found all the Easter eggs, even after nearly 2 years. So the challenge is still standing! Give it a try if you want; there are 12 in all that if you find you can email/message me to verify them. You'll know when you find them since most will prompt you with a message of some kind etc. Good hunting!

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