Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 47.

- Episode 47 -

The music of life itself flowed all around Trinity, she could hear it, see it; feel it's delicate warmth. There was a pure power here, running through the runes it seemed so simple and yet it was so very beautiful. Soft strands of light were in tatters though, frayed and scorched. There was so much damage to the ancient wards they just simply couldn't cover an area the size they once had.

She knew that she would have to do something, but rebuilding the entire series of wards was far beyond the scope of anything she could manage right now, especially rushing. No, she was going to have to find a way to reweave what she could of the working barrier and protect what she could. There was no way it would cover everything, but just maybe she could cover enough.

Quick as she could she grabbed at the pearl and ivory wisps and set herself to finding everything she could salvage. As she worked a strange memory puzzled it's way into her mind, it was a fragmented thing from long ago. Something she barely remembered from when she was little, it was a trick some kindly lady had shown her once to keep her busy.

The image played out inside her as she absently worked her hands to rearrange the strands of woven magic. It was thing of amusement, a simple construct of interlocking meshed yarn or string. But for a child it was a thing of wonder, when compressed it was just a ball of unassuming mess. When pulled outwards it sprang to life to form the shape of a ball or whatever it was created to become. Trinity had nearly forgotten about the little marvel, it wasn't the kind of thing she spent time practicing and it wasn't really anything she had time for these days.

And yet, all at once she realized she had been reworking the wards into something similar. They had formed a web-work of energy that she tugged at carefully watching it compress in and out. It was a far cry from the masterfully crafted thing it had once been, but given time Trinity promised herself that she could perhaps repair it further.

Right now, there was no longer time to waste, she could feel it. So with a brief sigh Trinity pulled together all the fibers of magical force as tightly as she could and then released them outwards. The spell-woven strands exploded, stretching and springing with a surge of flexibility. Trinity rode the wave of magic back up, her focus slowly returning as she opened her eyes.

Camden was above her, riding on the back of Silver-Claws, frantically fighting to defend the new friend he had found in the young orphaned dragon. Before her she could see both Mal, this kindly old knight that fortune had led them to fighting side by side with the king himself. The paired protectors were valiantly defending her from the self-same creature that sought them outside the Vault.

Her heart warmed to see such sights, fear faltered in the face of the hope that was being carried inside her. Trinity could feel the wards she had worked as they returned to life. It was time to see just how well she done, and if it would work at all.

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