Monday, May 13, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 46.

- Episode 46 -

Camden clung desperately to Silver-Claws back as the young dragon endlessly kept moving, dodging blows and hastily flung dragon-fire. At times it was all he could do to hang on, trusting to his companion to keep him safe as they maneuvered through the air. Claws tore through the air to rend and rake at Camden, but only found waiting shield and jack resisting them.

If only Silver-Claws could catch all of them with his breath, Camden was sure that it could end this whole ordeal quickly. The only problem was that there was still enough dragons moving around them that there was no way Silver-Claws could envelop all of them at once. Every time the dragon loosed a blast of his vicious cold-fire it seemed to tire or lessen him somewhat. As powerful as it was it only made sense to Camden that it would take a lot out of Silver-Claws to summon up such a potent attack. It wasn't the kind of thing he could maintain indefinitely, otherwise he would have been doing it none stop.

"Oh, great; now I am starting to think like Trinity," Camden thought to himself. Here he was in the middle of battle riding on the back of a dragon of all things and he was even thinking things through. Surely his sister hadn't used that magic of hers on him, had she? He would have to save all this thinking stuff for later, right now he had to keep buying her time.

Below him, Mal and the King were still battling the black beast using the steel of their skilled blades as capable as any shield to defend Trinity. Cautiously Mal kept himself between his fearsome foe and his charge, patiently parrying blow after blow. Every time the creature attempted to charge forward it found itself rebounding off edged steel.

It was becoming furiously frustrating; before it was the one thing that it could feel as sure a threat as anything to it's freedom. And yet it remained just out of reach, thwarted by a pair of irritations. A dark rage began to consume what was left of the creatures mind as desperation demanded the removal of this obstruction.

Both pairs of clawed hands exploded towards the King, followed instantly by snapping jaws that sought their way towards Mal. It was just the kind of reckless gambit the old knight had been waiting for, and one he hoped he could still manage to take advantage of. Perhaps he had became just a tad bit rusty after all.

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