Thursday, May 16, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 49.

- Episode 49 -

Trinity had flung the wards of Oakhelm Keep up in a hurry, seeking to return them in time to halt the assault of their fearsome foes. But when the powerful barrier burst back to life she marked an obvious difference; it's more elastic form wasn't just resisting them, it was driving them back. Instead of acting like a hardened shield the protective magic was rebounding any force used against them to push back.

The spell woven shield had sprang to life and as it whipped outwards it had cast everything away from them with it. An almost audible crack could be heard, even as it was felt, as the black scaled beast before them was the first to be hit hard by the spreading wards. The force of the impact lifted it clear from it's feet and jerked it backwards as it carried it with it.

In the air, dragons collided with it in a cascade of chaos and shock to find themselves forced out. Camden watched in his own moment of mystery as the sky cleared to the returning enchanted light before finding Silver-Claws swooping under to catch him. Immediately he pushed aside all questions that tried to form in his mind save one and directed the dedicated dragon to head for his sister.

As Mal and Tonniel watched with clearing eyes they caught sight of their opponents as the Keep's ancient defenses washed the outwards in a wave of wispy light. Neither dropped their guard, instead returning to a defensive stance as they studied the creatures reaction. "This may not be over yet," Mal warned Camden as he and Silver-Claws landed just behind them.

"Are you alright Trin," Camden shot the question out, the only possible one of worth to him as soon as he was close enough to speak it. "It should hold for now I think," Trinity replied absently to them, her eyes blankly gazing at the distance. "Thank you for distracting them, I had to alter the wards somewhat, but I think if given time I might be able to rebuild them completely."

"Trinity," Camden called to his sister once more, an edge of frustration in his voices tone. "I don't care about the blasted magical light show; I asked you if you was okay!" The notion of her brother actually concerned about her startled Trinity, and she had to look in her brother's eyes before she could believe it.

"Yeah, Cam, I'm fine," Trinity explained softly, surprised by Camden's unusual show of emotion. "But you shouldn't be worrying about me, we have more important things to deal with right now." While all four of them watched the barrier kept flashing against repeated attacks only to see it spring back into place over and over.

Slowly the menacing mob began to circle the Keep as the creatures paused longer and longer between strikes. After a while it seemed like silence had returned to the night breeze once more. Perhaps they had actually accomplished it, just maybe they had driven the tainted creatures into fleeing. Even if that were the case, it wasn't something Mal could consider a victory.

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