Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 48.

-Episode 48 -

Silver-Claws had been bravely battling the pernicious pack, but he was only a single dragon; it was only ever going to be a matter of time before his out numbered adversaries wore him down. Camden watched seemingly helpless as his newest friend tired in his struggle to outmaneuver the other dragons only to see them still circling. Below them his eye caught a sudden flicker of movement drawing his attention; one of the other dragons was rushing up from below to sneak attack Silver-Claws!

Camden had to do something, he refused to let his friend go down like this. Especially not after all that he had done to protect them, how he had bravely fought to buy Trinity the time she needed. Suddenly Camden released his grip upon the dragon's back and flung himself down to meet the upwardly rushing assault. He fell through the whipping wind his stout blade held squarely before him gripped by both hands. Like a spear thrust down he ripped into the dragon's waiting flesh, a scream trailing off as his breath left him.

The sudden halting of his flight downward was far more of a shock than Camden could have ever expected. Even if he had thought about it ahead of time - which he didn't. His only concern was to buy his sister the time she needed but he wasn't about to sacrifice Silver-Claws just to do it. It was odd, really, it hadn't occurred to him to consider that in saving the sapphire scaled sentinel that he would be himself would be helpless against gravity.

A screech overhead alerted him that his friend had found him missing from his back, but Camden had no idea if the desperate dragon could make the dive in time to save him. The wounded dragon slipped free from his blade as the two fell together back towards the earth.

Beneath them, Mal pivoted and shifted his weight to throw himself towards the beasts chest placing his back towards it. The Marshal's Edge rippled with lightning as it danced along the blade in answer to some subtle trigger from it's master. Mal brought the broad blade into a sweeping slash trained on the creature's claws, his steel seeking to sever them.

Neatly his masterfully made blade found waiting flesh to seize upon as it unleashed a portion of it's potent power to rip through and remove both hands. However, throwing himself into the strike Mal had been forced to drop his defenses for a moment. It was a calculated risk, the experienced champion knew it, but it was necessary; he couldn't risk the king's life. He did have a duty to preform after all.

Even with agony flooding it's way to engulf the monster that had been Lady Adriana, rage still fueled it's attack pressing it's teeth to repay the man who had again brought pain to it. But Tonniel had never been a fool, he had always know his dear old mentor's mind; the wise warrior would always place his life before his king's. So he had anticipated Mal's reaction, and following upon his old instructor's lead he launched his own bold blade into a tactically placed thrust.

The shinning steel cleanly pierced the beasts blackened hide beneath the jaw and slid upwards to seek it's brains. In a blinding flash light erupted around them spreading outward, bringing with it both a wave of hope as well as confusion. Had his strike rang true? King Rainborne had no way of knowing, the wards had washed over and through him leaving his sight dazzled. For what seemed like an infinitely long moment he could only fight to clear his mind as he tried to make sense of what had just happened. Was it over?

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