Friday, May 17, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 50.

- Episode 50 -

Baron Samael watched from the waiting shadows, Thatch and Cobble silently in tow behind him.
The fearsome dark magic infused dragons had withdrawn from the potent defenses of the Keep's wards that even now were still flickering. Such a powerfully spell-crafted barrier would be near impossible to breach by brute force, it would take some time and careful preparation to subvert it. Time was something he had, even if it did strain his patience. Yes, indeed, if he was to get his hands on that dragon or reclaim what those meddling brats had stolen from him he would wait.

And as for those rogue forces from the Vault, perhaps they could be yet mastered and guided to serve him. "Thatch, Cobble; it looks like you may yet be able to avoid your fates for failing me," the Baron coldly cooed. Both of his cowardly cohorts gulped down their fear as they tried not to imagine what that might entail.

"We have work to do, so very much to prepare for, come," Baron Samael bid them with a gesture as the empty air shifted and transformed briefly around them. When next Thatch or Cobble looked around them they found the familiar stone walls of FrostThorn Tower awaiting them and a strange tingle lingering in their skin. It was a rare enough experience that neither knew what to make of it - the Baron never had been known to use his magic to transport anyone other than himself.

But as the pair allowed themselves a sigh of relief for managing to return to the Tower intact and not in some other twisted form they couldn't help but feel like something was wrong. After a few long moments of being left alone it slowly started to sink in; aside from the Baron they were alone in FrostThorn Tower. Where had everyone else gone? Terror tickled it's way back up both Thatch and Cobble's spine until they both found themselves shivering.

"Until I can restock myself with suitable materials, you two will see to the various tasks required. Cobble, you'll find those interesting beasts below; see to it that they are fed and secured. Thatch, you will bring to me every tome and journal I have so that I may research a few things. Go on now, to work with you," Baron Samael ordered them.

The Baron, already beginning to become lost in contemplation, marked the exit of his misfortune minions. "Time for a few experiments I think," he quietly remarked to himself. The image of Lady Adriana crying out in pain like some savage beast warmed him inside as he recalled the scene had just witnessed. His only regrets were two-fold; that he hadn't delivered the blows himself and that he had been able to see her lifeless corpse. Instead Baron Samael would just have to treasure the look on the creature's face as he turned his focus on new plans.


Meanwhile, back in Oakhelm Keep; Trinity was struggling to make sense of a sudden ripple of magic beyond the wards marking a cast spell. Moments ago someone, or something had been out there unnoticed and now only the lingering echo of dissipating magic remained to confirm it's presence. Her mind raced to try and make some sense of what it could mean but Trinity had grown too tired; she couldn't think of anything.

"I think I should warn you," Trinity started to explain to everyone. "This is far from over," Mal interrupted her as he cautiously started to re-sheath his sword. "Those dragons will be back, if not here they will be waiting to seek us out elsewhere," the old knight declared. "Then we will be ready for them," Camden added proudly as he patted Silver-Claws affectionately on the neck.

"It looks to me like not only has my best knight returned to me but that he has brought with him three new heroes to safeguard the realm," King Rainborne mused thoughtfully. "I'd say we are in the best possible hands," Tonniel added as he slapped Mal on the back playfully.

"Fates favor us all," Mal prayed as he looked into the eyes of both Camden and Trinity. Something told him they were going to need all the help they could get.

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