Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Introduction to Nathanial Spectre.

Had a interesting little scene come to mind, thought I might expand on it and let it flesh out some feel for Nathanial Spectre, Shadow Captain of the 5th Company of Raven Guard. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

"Listen up Marines," stern a grim a steady toned voice began from the drop-ships rear hatch. Every Marine could hear the voice in their helmet comm-units, even those in other ships heard this recited speech. "This is for those of you who have only just earned your Raven Feathers, and the right to join the 5th Company. You'll do well to remember this: We are the Raven's Memory. We are it's Vengeful Ghost. We have never forgotten the pain inflicted on us, or the grievous insult spat upon our name by traitorous cowards.  Never again shall we allow such villainy to bring harm to our brothers. Some of you have heard the stories, some may even believe the rumors. I'll set them straight, right here, right now. I am not a man. I am not a Marine. I am Shadow-Captain Nathanial Spectre, and I am the Ghost of Muininn. I once had the faith of a chaplain, but when faith alone failed I cast aside mortality and rose from the dead Marines of Isstvan V. As Raven Guard Marines you are all well versed in the combat doctrine of interdiction, as members of Spectres' Interdictors you will become something more. It isn't enough for us to decimate enemy supply lines or slaughter their troops. We must do so mercilessly, we must intercept them as something inhuman and vanish like a ghost. We must deliver the divine censure of the Emperor with the cunning of Corax himself. We must remind our prey to fear not only those Marines they see but also the wraiths of their dead. For the Raven Guard have not forgotten, and their ghosts have an eternal memory as well.”

Adjusting a power-sword slung low on his hip and hefting up a storm bolter, Spectre turned his back to the Marines to stare at the closed hatch. “Make no mistake, battle awaits us,” a grave whisper slipped from his lips. “But death does not await us, for we are already dead. Let’s remind them to fear the ghosts of the dead.”