Friday, July 29, 2011

NRV Othinn Vagarant Class Light Cruiser.

The NRV Othinn, a Vagrant class light cruiser, was first commissioned in 3030 R.E. using techniques developed from the design of the Orias Nae. Designed from the beginning as a long-range vessel efficiency was such a focal point for the Othinn that radical changes were implemented in it's build.  As a light cruiser it's combat role was typical assuming it's type - that of escort, patrol, scout and anti-small craft support. But to help increase it's endurance limits when deployed it's armaments were completely reconsidered so that the Othinn completely discarded all missile, rocket and projectile weapon systems. In this regard the Othinn completely relies on energy weapons powered by it's onboard power supply. While this would be an issue for other vessels, the Othinn was equipped with 5 fusion cores in a redundant array to maintain the requirements for it's systems. That way no one fusion core was ever stressed to provide the constant supply of energy necessary for the Othinn.

While contemporary light cruiser design at the time called for extensive missile and rocket systems for defensive barrages as well as offensive strikes. To compensate for this naval designers thought long and hard to find a solution. Their final answer was initially met with criticism when they chose to mount smaller paired medium range Ensis cannons in turrets as it's primary armaments.  Not known for delivering massive damage the Ensis cannons make up for this in the way their mounted. As paired sets they take advantage of their higher rate of fire to deliver a combined rate of fire of up to 40 rounds per minute. Othinn mounted 2 turrets on it's dorsal hull, one fore and one aft of it's amidships along with one central turret on it's ventral giving it an impressive field of fire. To free up the main guns, 4 rapid fire point defense lasers were added in micro-turrets for dealing with close range threats and incoming projectiles that were capable of delivering upwards of 150-200 rounds per minute.

By 3032 R.E. the Othinn was completed and assigned to the 8th fleet's battle group, attached to what would later become the infamous 'Bulldog Brigade' serving along side the Orias Nae herself. Where other ships struggled to stand out among the shadow of the Orias Nae, the Othinn quickly proved time and again worthy of recognition. Adopting the motto: "The Spear's Tip," it's crew became renowned among the fleet, and feared by enemy forces. Appearing rapidly to raid and strike, only to out maneuver other vessels, reappearing to protect the Orias Nae when she was thought to be without her escorts.

In 3036 R.E. the Othinn was praised by the New Republic Navy and was recalled for refit to further refine it based on lessons learned already in the Rim Wars. To further strengthen it's range a 500 LM rating fold drive was installed to ensure "The Spear's Tip" had a far reach. Coupled with it's already proven reaction mass drives even when not engaging it's fold drive the Othinn can maintain a speed of up to 718.457 km/s. Enhancing it's already impressive sensors it was decided to assign a flight of 4 Crovius light fighters equipped for recon duty. And 3 armored Valkyrie light personnel transports along with a 31 naval support staff including pilots. Three 5 man mecha squads from the 'Bulldog Brigade' was also assigned to the Othinn along with dedicated support staff to add an attached marine group of 45 personnel. In total the Othinn found itself staffed with a crew of 128 with a maximum supportable limit of 250.

During the refit, it was found that reviewing the Othinn's tour of duty that current crew compliment with standard dry stores can be deployed for 24-36 months before needing to re-supply. Combat supplies could be maintained nearly indefinitely with the exception of mecha munitions which could support just over 30 days of continuous combat operations.

After it's refit the Othinn was once more redeployed to the 8th fleets battle group. In 3040 R.E., when Orias Nae received orders to seek out the Vel-Teh it was the Othinn that was assigned to escort her as almost the only other vessel capable of the task. Of all the fleet to undertake the mission, only the Orias Nae and the Othinn would return.