Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Time Lord of a Riddle.

Now, granted, I have always been a science fiction nerd for as long as my internal storage can retrieve. And in all that time I have been a fan of many a series and franchise. Sadly, though, I have never really gotten into Doctor Who. Not out of dis-interest or any personal taste, etc, but simply due to a lack of actually viewing seeing any of it.

However, back in the mid-to-late 90's I was doing a favor for a friend/acquaintance in a bad situation by helping them pack and load a u-haul truck to move. While doing such for the day I was ambushed by Doctor Who fandom  of not only the person I was helping but a relative as well. Since I was up to that point ignorant on the subject I was immediately educated to some degree on the good Doctor.

The material I was presented with throughout the day was on VCR-recorded VHS, that to this very day has puzzled me as I have discovered there are a whole series of different actors to don the moniker. Sadly, I cannot for the life of me pinpoint which version of the Doctor I was fortunate to witness, much less what storyline. I have been wracking my brain in an attempt to try and recall, but alas, only vague bits of info come to mind.

I recall something about his dual-heart nature and about to be killed by emergency medical treatment via defibrillator. Although fuzzy, my memory leads me to believe that what I recall seeing may of been some form of movie or special instead of an episode as well. In regards to a plot, or villain, I am also unfortunately unsure. I almost want to say that a scene liken to that of some kind of court comes to mind but I'm not sure if that is correct. To further complicate things, I have vague impressions of another Time Lord or perhaps some weird bug-like thing being involved, but again, I'm grasping at vapor-esque memory phantoms.

Also, I almost want to say the Doctor had some special watch or strange little gadget of some importance. Perhaps it is recent commercials for the show or other mentions of Doctor Who I have seen of late that has sparked this curiosity in me. Or perhaps the simple fact that I know I have seen some years ago but am at a loss to prove it when talking with Doctor Who enthusiasts. Who knows?

But this has grown and formulated into a sort of puzzle within my brain. One, that I suspect only a well-versed Doctor Who fan can help me unravel. Please, if you are well versed or know someone who could be a Time Lord themselves, feel free to smack me about with some educating. I'd be forever grateful.