Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spectre's Interdictors - A Seed of Flavor.

Been tinkering with a bit of flavor to breath life into my little collection of Space Marines. Some manner of giving them an interesting identity, here are some notes as they poured from my wee noggin'. Let me know what you think.

Interdiction is a military term that refers to the act of delaying, disrupting, or destroying enemy forces or supplies en route to the battle area. A distinction is often made between strategic and tactical interdiction. The former refers to operations whose effects are broad and long-term; tactical operations are designed to affect events rapidly and in a localized area.

Interdiction is also used in criminology and law enforcement, such as in the US War on Drugs and in immigration

In Roman Catholic canon law, an interdict  is an ecclesiastical censure that excludes from certain rites of the Church individuals or groups, who nonetheless do not cease to be members of the Church.

In Scottish law, "an interdict is a civil court order that tells a person not to do something or to stay away from you, your children or a specific place, such as your house. If a person doesn't stick to an interdict, the police might be able to arrest them if the interdict gives them the power to do so."

A veteran of Raven Guard's most crippling blow, Nathanial Spectre rose from a young inexperienced marine to become a capable and skilled Shadow Captain. Learning from the harsh mistress of defeat he mastered the tactics and strategies that he has grown to be known for, even among his peers. A promising initiate to his unit's chaplain Spectre looked primed to ascend the ranks as his predecessors replacement when the position became open. However, Spectre became determined to ensure his chapter never fell victim again, and like his namesake chose to set himself to becoming like a ghost. Dutifully he studied tactics and combat doctrine on hit and run warfare and subterfuge. It was Spectre himself who, time and again preached a ceaseless belief in small lighter drop ships capable of rapidly deploying small advanced forces to interdict the enemy, capable of being extracted and redeployed before forces could be marshaled to counter. Over the years a small handful of marines were assigned to him and Spectre was given command of the 5th company. Seizing the opportunity, and some surplus drop ships, Spectre set himself to proving his theories in battle. Poetically, many Raven Guard marines now choose to refer to Spectre as The Ghost of Muninn - In honor of his ability to harass the enemy like some ghost that has not forgotten what happened to it in life.