Thursday, January 26, 2012

Android Adventures.

Fascination has seized upon me. Which, might come as no surprise to many who know me well. The cause, you may ask, is such a simple one that it might even give you pause for a laugh(it's okay if you do, go ahead). My father-in-law came down for a visit this last weekend and he brought with him his newest tech-toy: an amazon kindle fire. And while I only allowed myself to explore it for about five minutes or so to minimize it's absence from his hand it did ignite my curiosity.

I've heard about e-readers and tablets for a long time, even glanced at some of the info about them online in passing. What I hadn't done, until now, was actively explore this particular technology trend. I found myself instantly puzzling over the devices' architecture - what hardware did it make use of, what operating system even? Even the mystery of it's accepted programming languages toyed at the back of my mind.

So, like I have said before: if there is something you want to know - look it up. And you know what? I did just that. In fact, over the last few days I have found myself digesting just about everything I can come across on the subject. Android continues to be a fascinating and strange beast that I can't help but want to understand more as well as the fact it pushes me to admit there is so much more I have to learn.

The appeal of a portable means of reading as well as access to other content has always been a selling point for me. I mean, I own a netbook and have loved the little thing ever since I made the purchase. But the potential of some of these newer devices for tinkering opens a whole new array of options that are quite tantalizing. Plus, I now find myself motivated to expand my programming repertoire from my visual comfort zone into more established languages like C and Java.

Will I take the plunge? Let's just say not only am I getting well versed at the various leading models available, their hardware configurations but also in their ability to lend themselves towards user customization. That and I've already secured my lovely wife's approval. [If married guys, take my advice and always seek your significant others' counsel first, especially if your dealing with limited resources. It's always a wise move.]

Give me time, and if there is any interest I'll see if I can post some information to help clear the muddy waters out there for anyone else thinking of looking into this fascinating topic.