Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Morning Anything But Easy.

There was nothing easy about this morning. But some tasks, no matter how you feel about them, have to be done. Such was the case with a beloved pet: Prissy the cat. We adopted her about 4-5 years ago, an experience I'll never forget. My oldest two children decided to tag team me in a barrage of pleading and negotiating that resulted in me eventually agreeing. Of all our pet's she has been around the longest since we had the kids and in truth she has proven to be one of the best pets we ever had. She even reminded me of my own childhood pet, who managed to live a long, long life(around 20 years actually).

Unfortunately, poor prissy has not had the best health for a long time. We've struggled with our limited resources to get her seen by the vet and care for her, even buying her special foods. But as time has gone by her behavior has become more and more erratic, and her appearance itself has become an obvious sign of her torment.

So we finally had to accept it and do the merciful thing. Allowing her to live in constant agony wasn't fair to her, nor was it something we wanted to drag out as our children watched. It wasn't a duty I cherished, but this morning I had to take our beloved pet and do the final act of kindness I could for her. Now she rests under a small tree in a much more peaceful place.

No matter how we enter this world or what actions we do in it one truth will always remain: death deserves respect. So, with heavy heart I must bid farewell to a part of our family. Prissy, you were loved and will be missed.