Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Terrible Tower.

I wrote this little adventure as a follow up to two of my kids initial foray into playing the Pathfinder Rpg. While it uses my a fore-mentioned guidelines, it does expand on things a bit. Feel free to use it yourself if you like, just know that it is currently written with children aged approximately 4-6 in mind playing 1st level characters.

The Synopsis: A pretty elven princess has been kidnapped and taken away to a tower. When a group of goblins and hobgoblins demand gold for her release, her family must beg for some brave heroes to save her. Before it's too late!

Rewards: The elf's can't afford to pay the heroes, but they will offer them each a magical elven cloak to protect them from bad magic. (Cloak of resistance +1)

Monsters: 2 sets of 3 Goblins; 6 hp, 16 ac, Short Sword +2(1d4), or Short Bow +4(1d4) [400xp each]
3 sets of 2 Hobgoblins; 17 hp, 16 ac, Long Sword +4(1d8+2), or Long Bow +3(1d8) [400xp each]
1 Sorcerer; 18 hp, 15 ac, Claws +2(1d4+1) Spells - Magic Missile (1d4+1), Hold Portal, Sleep (Dc 12) [600xp] *Only 5 total spells can be cast by the sorcerer, in any combination. However, his first action should be to cast hold portal on the door to lock the would be saviors in. As a last ditch effort he may resort to casting sleep on any hero he finds a pressing threat before attempting to flee.

The Tower's layout: A simple structure, the tower itself is made up of a central room with a pair of hobgoblins guarding outside. Once inside 3 goblins await along with 3 doors. One door leads to 2 more hobgoblins preparing for bed, another 3 more goblins eating, and the last 3 goblins guarding a staircase upwards. Feel free to place each room in any order you like, their primary purpose is to give the players a chance to explore the tower in a fundamental level without being overly complicated. However it is once they rise the stairs they will find the princess along with the sorcerer as he greedily awaits his gold.

I hope you enjoy the adventure of playing with kids, because around every corner is another surprise,