Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hack The Planet.

Something monumental(in my meager opinion) has taken place today. And weather or not it will have lasting effect or how it will be remembered will remain to be seen for some time. However it reminds me of a movie from our not so distant past: Hackers. In a somewhat analogous way it focuses on the digital exploits of intelligent individuals banding together to tackle a greater issue using something as simple as technological familiarity itself. Now they also wielded the formidable battle-cry: "Hack The Planet!"

In a similar vein it seems that those who sought to usurp the primal forces of the internet via legal enslavement that seem to cry foul at another group of capable individuals banding together. The venerable Mitch Canter actually puts it a lot more succinctly than I  in his most recent blog post. It was actually his post that reminded me of those immortal words: "Hack The Planet."

It seems that we have perhaps begun to do just that. But we'll have to stay on our toes and keep an eye on things because there are still those out there determined to see laws like SOPA, PIPA and OPEN succeed. One way or another. We have fought for freedom, our nation has bled for others' freedoms as well as our own. Our voices have let them know we will not stay quiet, that we will fight, as our fore fathers before us.

So if you haven't already, let your elected officials know where you stand. Don't ignore these laws or others like them, and don't expect them to fix themselves. We have to stand up and speak. In short we have to "Hack The Planet."

Oh, and forgive the puns, and well, this last one: Keep an eye out for those Cereal Killers; they tend to leave milky outlines of their victims.