Friday, February 22, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 2.

- Episode 2 -

Jack had heard all the stories about the one teacher every student agreed was the worst - Mr. Graves. Even his older brother Walter had made sure to tell him all about 'Grim Graves' every night before bed. But then Walter loved to try and scare Jack, older brothers are like that you know. According to Walter the only time Mr. Graves ever even smiled was when the kids in his class weren't.

He couldn't really be that mean, could he? The thought worried Jack and made him remember the one story about Mr. Graves that truly frightened him. It was his brother's favorite, and most kids still whispered about it.

According to Walter there was a kid in Mr. Graves class a long time ago, his name was Billy. Well Billy had a lot of trouble in class, and he always forgot his homework. One day Mr. Graves decided to make Billy stand in front of the class to answer a question and Billy got so nervous he couldn't even talk. He just froze like a statue.

Mr. Graves told Billy he would have to stay after class that day because he was in trouble. Nobody knows for sure what happened but that afternoon the janitor found Billy curled up in the classroom closet. The light bulb had been taken out and poor Billy had even had an accident. His parents had to be called and he even switched schools.

Jack had never been able to believe any teacher could do something like that to a kid. At least until he turned around and looked up at Mr. Graves. His eyes were like frozen ice behind his black rimed glasses and his nose reminded Jack of birds beak. Jack felt like a tiny mouse starring up at a very hungry owl who planned to eat him. His arms even got all bumpy.

"Sorry, Mr. Graves," he said quietly. "Very well then," Mr. Graves began without taking his eyes off Jack. "Take your seat, third row second from the back," he instructed. "Yes, sir," Jack nodded before heading to set down.

A quiet giggle greeted him from behind his chair as he sat down. It could only mean one thing; Kim was in his class - again.