Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 3.

 Alrighty, well we started with Episode 1 last night and so far my son seems to really like it. But only time will tell how it goes so I'll just have to take it one night at a time. He has already told me that there has to be at least 20 episodes. I told him I'd do my best but couldn't promise anything. We'll just have to wait and see how things play out for Jack. That, and to be fair if he continues to enjoy the story as it unfolds. If it is enjoyed by anyone then I am happy, and it is an added bonus being able to enjoy reading it to him at night.

- Episode 3 -

Of all the girls in the world, Kim had to be the most annoying one ever. And to make it worse her favorite thing in the whole universe seemed to be beating Jack at everything. If he raised his hand to answer a question she always managed to answer before him. When they had races in P.E., Kim always beat him. She was like some kind of super robot girl, Jack was sure she had to be an alien or something.

The worst part of it all though, was that she was always explaining to Jack that he was her boyfriend. It always made his face red. "Your a boy and you're my friend," she would say. "That makes you my boyfriend." Kim always sounded like a teacher when she said it too, like it was a fact he couldn't argue.

And here she was sitting right behind him. This had to be the worst Monday ever thought Jack. Maybe it was even some kind of record among bad Mondays. Desperate not to get into any more trouble from Mr. Graves Jack tried to make sure he got his pencil and paper out to be ready for class.

Mr. Graves was already writing his name on the board with a piece of chalk. Most of the other teachers were already using the shiny marker boards but he guessed Mr. Graves still used this old chalk one for some reason. Jack didn't much like the sound it made really but at least it wasn't stinky like the marker ones. He was sure they must make some of the markers extra smelly, you know kind of like extra chunky chocolate chip cookies. Only maybe not tasty, just stinky.

As Jack was opening his brand new notebook, a really cool red colored one he picked out, Kim started poking him in the shoulder. "Gonna be quiet as usual, huh Ben?" she whispered. "Not even a hi for my boyfriend?" Jack immediately spun around in his chair excited and yelled, "Turbo!"