Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 6.

- Episode 6 -

The only sound Jack could hear was the faint click of the light switch as the classroom became dark. A wave of panic hit him in the belly hard, it kind of felt like it did when Walter flopped on his belly while they were playing in the floor. Jack couldn't seem to breath or even move, the only thing on his mind was light. He was desperate, the dark had always terrified him and now it wasn't just outside his bedroom at night. It was here at school too.

His heart was pounding in his chest so loud it was like a drum. Mr. Graves was pointing to something on the wall, they looked like little dots. But Jack couldn't hear what he was saying, the pounding was just too loud. He had even gripped his desk so hard his knuckles were turning white.

A single strand of stray light peeked from under the window and Jack's eyes seized on it. It was like an explosion of hope, the small wisp of light was all he could focus on. He just kept wishing the rest of the light would come back and then he wouldn't have to be afraid again. If the lights could just turn back on the dark would go away.

Jack was so scared he never heard another click as the lights came back on. It took a moment before he even realized Mr. Graves was talking again, but who was he talking to? "Young man, I suggest you seriously decide to change your behavior, immediately," he said while pointing his finger directly at Jack.

"Me," Jack thought, "why is he pointing at me?" The finger still hung in the air as Mr. Graves started talking again. "Your on thin ice young man, I will not tolerate being ignored in class." Not even Kim was whispering from behind Jack now, nobody was even making a sound. "We shall start class tomorrow with your homework, and let's hope it's amazing or you will be seeing the principal."

The school bell rang and then everybody was up and moving.

Time for lunch.