Monday, February 25, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 5.

- Episode 5 -

"Today we are going to talk a little about stars," Mr. Graves told the class while writing the word stars in big letters on the board. "Can anyone tell me why stars were important to early travelers?" Without even having to look Jack could already feel the air moving behind him as Kim's hand shot up like a rocket to eagerly offer the answer.

Mr. Graves made a face as he looked around the class, it was the same face his Mom made when something was smelly but didn't want to say anything. He just rolled his eyes and turned back to the chalk board. "No, young lady, it was not because they were pretty or because they were like little night lights." Jack was sure that wasn't what Kim was going to say, she may have been a girl but she always knew the answer. Mr. Graves hadn't even given her the chance to tell him the answer.

As annoying as Kim could be, Jack did sort of feel bad for her. He was sure if it had been him that it would have hurt his feelings for sure. Now Mr. Graves was writing again and this time it was the words; north star. Jack could tell that it was exactly what Kim had been about to answer. His first clue was the fact that she had kicked her foot just enough that it had smacked his seat. Kim hated to not be allowed to answer a question almost as much as being told she was wrong. It was probably because she was never wrong.

"A long time ago," Mr. Graves declared as he started walking back and forth in front of the class. "People started to notice that some of the stars didn't move around." Jack had always thought stars were neat and all but he had always had a little problem with stars. Mainly that they could only be seen at night and night time wasn't exactly something he enjoyed. Specifically, he couldn't stand the idea of having to go outside in the dark. It was way too scary.

Suddenly Mr. Graves had stopped moving, he had even stopped talking - he was just starring at the class. "We're going to practice naming some of the stars today in class." A grin started to creep up on Mr. Graves face. "Your homework tonight will be to name as many as you can find in the sky and draw them. We will all check how you did during class tomorrow. Now, if you don't mind, Rick - isn't it? Yes, Rick would you kindly turn off the lights for me."

Rick was already up and moving straight for the light switch and Mr. Graves was now smiling ear to ear. "You can't see any stars with the lights on children," Mr. Graves reminded them.