Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 4.

So, now one of my daughters has decided she has to hear the bedtime story too. I must admit I am doubly curious if my kids will cheer for me or ask there mother for any rotten produce to throw. At least so far they all seem rather entertained.

- Episode 4 -

Jack knew right away that he shouldn't have yelled in class. He could already tell he was in even more trouble now. It was kind of like that feeling you get when you have your hand in the cookie jar and you're parents were standing right behind you. Only this time, it was more like he had just broke the cookie jar too. And boy it was one of those old fancy ones!

But he couldn't help it, I mean it was his best-est friend Ben. Ben had been his number one buddy since, well, forever. They had done loads of super fun stuff together and had almost never been in the same class before. There was that one year but Jack was pretty sure preschool didn't count.

Ben had earned the nickname Turbo on his first day of school. The meanest boy in class, Rick, had tried to take Ben's lunch money that day. The funny thing was though, that before he could even threaten Ben, well Ben was just gone. He could run so fast everybody said he must have one of those fancy turbo race car motors or something.

Ever the scaredy-cat Ben was already ducking down in his seat as Mr. Graves had already turned his attention squarely on Jack. As usual Kim took the opportunity to point out that Jack was most likely in trouble, although she did make sure to do so quietly. Jack couldn't help but wonder if he had a big red target on his face or something.

"Are you always this rude young man," Mr. Graves asked. "Or is it that somehow you feel you don't need me to teach you? If so then I would love to see how you do with the homework." Jack started to think maybe Ben had the right idea and wished he could just duck down out of sight. But somehow he was sure Mr. Graves eyes would follow him no matter if he hid or not.

"Wait a minute," Jack thought, "did he say homework?" Homework on the first night! Wasn't that illegal or something?