Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Agent of Faith - Part 2.

On the ground, New Republic troops were scattered about in small clusters, pinned down by armed rioters. Most of them, troops without experience, dispatched to handle what was believed to be a minor band of rioting miners. Instead they found armed locals, who proved willing to use deadly force. As a result, several had died, and the rest looked on, helplessly trapped by gunfire they couldn't locate. While they watched a local thug screaming insults at a wounded soldier and punctuated them with brutal blows from a pipe.

Blood streaming down the side of his face from an open wound, his vision blurred, Cadeel looked up from the ground at his attacker and knew his end was near. In the sky, a vague shimmering form descended, reminding him of childhood tales he had heard of warrior angels. Closing his eyes, Cadeel was certain this had to be what death held for him.

Landing behind the injured soldier, Grael could feel all eyes turn to watch her sudden arrival. Twisting her grip on the chain-blade she felt it spring to life, it's chain edge spinning with a deadly buzz. Cadeel's eyes ripped open to see a face, as it's color intensified to a burning deep rose hue. "Behold," her voice rang out firm and resolute. "The consequence for all those who would betray the New Republic!" In one fluid slash her blade ripped into the rioter's flesh and chewed across his back from hip to shoulder, splattering gore.

Shaken by the sudden and violent attack, rioters hesitantly opened fire only to find their shots ill aimed or ineffective against the gleaming hardsuit's advanced armor. Standing over the wounded Cadeel, Grael held her blade aloft and roared aloud. "Attend brave defenders of the glorious New Republic, look upon the might of faith and uphold your duty! Let us deal with these cowards," triggering her drop pack Grael raced forward with a burst of speed to fly at another armed rioter. "Attack!" She ordered as her lightning fast charge found her target thrown off guard as she severed his arm from his body. His weapon still firing briefly as it left him before falling silent.

Bolstered by Grael's actions, the scattered New Republic troops sprang to action, unleashing cover fire and seizing the rioters own moment of panic. Regrouping, they covered Cadeel and a medic rushed to his side to tend his wounds. Burning like a beacon in the chaos, Corinthia Grael darted about striking out with both claw and blade. A wave of terror spread among the rioters of Bernal II, as Grael directed troops and continually appeared to devastate even those who tried to hide.

As the steady sound of gunfire slowly surrendered itself to silence, Grael found herself looking on the New Republic troops as they managed to apprehend the few survivors.  They didn't seem the same soldiers, her presence had lifted their morale and inspired them with her own faith. Filled with satisfaction, she silently thanked the New Republic for allowing her to act as it's agent. 

Interrupting her reverie, an alert chirped from her hardsuit, and immediately displayed itself over her field of vision. Apparently, there were others here on Bernal II that had lost their faith in the New Republic. They would soon regret that, Corinthia assured herself.