Monday, April 18, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 3.

The first to speak once they were relatively certain the lieutenant was out of range, was the youngest member; Alva Jeffers. Jeffers had never shown any real merit at the academy, and truth be told had barely graduated. He had been fortunate to even have been assigned to a squad as a rifleman. But he had never quite seen it that way, in his eyes it was another slap in his face. And being placed under the command of a woman drove him lit a fire inside him. It was when he had heard the rumors that she was a bioid that ignited his will into a wildfire of hate. Something had to be done, and he was only to happy to agree with his squad-mates.

"Anyone catch the nerve on that freak?" Jeffers, already eager broke the silence as he checked his rifle. "It is going to be a pleasure removing that unnatural - thing, from existence. I don't know how she managed to fool everyone, or what plots she has been using, but we'll teach her a lesson." Already Jeffers gritted his teeth as his pulse began to race in excitement. He truly was enjoying this. "Let's kill this abomination already," he said aloud, only to find his mind finishing the thought; 'so I don't have to live in her shadow any longer.' Jeffers knew his only chance to shine would be with Querent out of the way and even then he lacked the skill to advance. No, his only ticket would be if he went down as a hero, purging a freak bioid.

The next to speak his mind was the squad's heavy weapons specialist; Charles Farrow. "I'll just be happy to be off some silly girl's leash. Don't see why she ever joined up to begin with, but all I know is no squad can function with some girl restraining anyone like me. I mean really, she already cut my requisitioned ammo in half and completely removed some of the weapons I ordered outfitted on my unit. Labeled them as excessive, unnecessary, and strategically inferior choices. If we had been lucky enough to draw a worthwhile male lieutenant, I can guarantee I would of been commended on my choices. Not having a permanent mark on my file for excessive waste of resources or clear disregard for collateral damage. Who cares about civilians anyways, they should either enlist or get out of the way."

 Last to speak his piece was the teams suppressive fire expert, a young graduate who had a reputation at the academy as both cold and ruthless; Bernard Everett. "She will clearly be at a disadvantage, that unit is rated for at least two operators to be effective. No doubt she plans to use her reputation to keep us in line but the truth is she may be more mobile than us but she is considering going up against drones. She made a mistake selecting that unit." Without mentioning it, Everett had also already done some checking on salvage value on a mecha of that type. It's worth would easily supplement his pay for a good long while, and if he managed to get promoted after this, well then it would be icing on his new pay scale cake. He was sure neither Jeffers or Farrow would mind his being placed in command of the squad, what did he care if she was a bioid or not. "Check your gear boys," Everett said as he brought his own guns online. "Let's go erase nature's mistake."