Saturday, April 23, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 8.

As Everett approached, Querent assessed the situation. He was now isolated and alone, with zero support. Now he was reduced to reacting to the situations she had dictated, when he should of been trying to maintain the advantage and maximizing the combined assets of the squad. Perhaps she hadn't been wrong to avoid personal relationships, if every other soldier was like Everett here, well more squads would decimate themselves instead of acting like a team.

Silently she set a trap, like a spider she patiently placed a web of Imp VI mines along the ground and backed up. The mines themselves were equipped with magnetic locks to adhere to a unit that passed within range, and came with a wide array of trigger conditions. As an automatic rifleman Everett would generate plenty of heat once he opened fire, and the added weight of his ammo would slow him. The obvious option was to set it for a thermal trigger and let Everett blow himself up.

Topping the hill, Everett's mecha brought itself into full view, and immediately looked for cover. Carefully, Querent roused her systems and slowly began to reposition herself. Her mecha-body almost tiptoeing as she directed it to the edge of what she was sure was Everett's effective range. Evelyn was certain if she used herself as bait to tempt him, he wouldn't hesitate.

Digitally immersed in her mecha, Querent could feel every ounce of silicon tingling as transistors stood ready to charge or discharge at the command of her reflexes. The controls before her sat dead, hollow and meaningless for her. For what seemed to her mind like an eternity she waited and watched her prey, while for him barely seconds passed. Using his moment free from drone fire he quickly sat himself to checking his screens, desperately hoping to have lost the drones in the confusion.

And then, like catching sight of a branch rustling in the wind he caught sight of something on a peripheral screen.  Perched in the distance was a quadruped mecha, hidden by a small expanse of brush. Checking his sensors he grinned with delight as a surge of a sadistic glee danced about inside him. He had stumbled into the hiding spot of his foolish lieutenant. All he had to do now was take aim. And soon, he would put an end to her and place himself on his way upward.