Friday, April 22, 2011

Digital Immersion - Part 7.

"Let's fall back, we can take up a defensive position there." Everett, made sure to ooze every ounce of confidence he was already brimming with. "Besides, she will have to make it back for our pick up." Farrow couldn't argue with that logic, it made sense. "As long as I see her coming," Farrow boasted, "I can guarantee she will regret it." Bolstered by their own morale, the pair directed their mecha in a slow and cautious pace back towards their drop point.

As if their own inner fire just met a bucket of water, all mirth soon left both Farrow and Everett as a series of laser fire was unleashed at them. Alerts lit their screen highlighting newly detected threats; drones had taken up position between them and their landing craft. And it looked like two more groups were approaching from their sides. Somehow they were setting in the beginnings of being boxed in.

"What is she up to..." Everett pondered aloud. "Scared, that girl is," answered Farrow. "But don't you worry, ol' Farrow here will make short work of this lot." Chuckling, Farrow locked in on a large cluster of the approaching drones and started unleashing volley after volley. His assault devastated entire swaths of landscape, and actually managed to wipe out a respectable amount of enemy forces.

Everett quickly followed suit and laid down cover fire against another grouping of drones. While his automatic fire barked to life he called to Farrow, "I'll try to keep these pinned, you try and lock in on what you can and take them out." Farrow roar, gung-ho as always and fueled with adrenaline as he set himself to lock onto more targets. But once he had confirmed locks, confusion and panic sat in. No matter how much he squeezed on the trigger, his weapon systems just clicked at him, registering empty. Without the measured guidance and pacing of someone in command to guide him, Farrow had let excitement seize his own judgment. And now he found himself forced to rely on his rifle and fall back armaments. Nothing that would allow him to fill his role, leaving Everett hanging.

Still in shock, all Farrow could mutter repeatedly was; "I'm out... empty... just, empty..." Facing the slow approach of drones, Everett knew he couldn't hold the ground on his own, and with Farrow's brash emptying of his full payload, he wasn't going to be much help. Calculating, Everett could only think of one avenue left to him. And in that moment, turned to drop a single demolition charge at his squad-mates feet while he made a break for the hills. The explosion rocked the ground, sending a blast wave in every direction. It barely missed Everett but as he had anticipated had managed to thwart the attacking drones from following him.

All he had to do now was find the lieutenant and finish her off. Then he was sure this 'horrible catastrophe' would result in at least one promotion and some awards, if not two. His only problem, was waiting patiently for him. Querent wasn't about to make him hunt for her, not any longer.