Friday, April 8, 2011

In Coromaur's Debt - Part 7.

A mixture of triumph and relief filled Viper as he climbed back into his cramped little jumper. Ghost-Face was now refueled and at least partially on it's way to a full repair. Things seem to be on the upswing, Viper thought as he primed the ships' systems. His arm was like new, which he kept checking to make sure it wasn't something he imagined. Not to mention four fresh new additions already added with his others on his belt. Hopefully he wouldn't need any psicraft shells on a simple courier run, but it always made him feel better, just in case. The only regret left to Viper was the limited coin he had left from his pay, it had taken most of it to get everything squared away. What remained would have to see him through until the job's completion.

Keying his mini-comm on, Viper called up the coordinates he had been provided for his scheduled rendezvous. It wasn't any named facility or planet he was familiar with, then again he was just the delivery boy. Stubbornly the ship's navcom refused Viper's attempts to input his desired coordinates. Once jarred by his fist however, it decided to cooperate.

Eager, Viper disembarked from Coromaur's Outpost, his tiny jumper a small form amidst several others both arriving and leaving. With his course set, he powered up his reaction mass drive and set off. It felt good to be back among the twilight, free to roam. Yawning, he considered the 10 hour travel time ahead of him, and decided to lean back in his seat. Surely, he could catch a quick nap on the way.

Dreams haunted Viper, old memories that refused to release him. Cold sweat dampened his fur as he relived brutal and savage torment, old scars burned with fresh pain as if they were being added to his flesh for the first time. The cabin echoed with the sound of bestial growls and snarls as Viper fought with feverish determination against nightmares. And then the alarm, all at once familiar, it grabbed at Viper and directed his attention. With a jerk he awoke, his mind still clouded and confused as he half remained dreaming.

Only then did he realize the alarm, was real.